Present Gaddisar

Satguru Sant Shri Dr.Yudhishter lal ji

Dr.Satguru Sant Yudhishter Lal Ji Maharaj,is the Present Gaddisar(9th Peethadeeshwar)of the holy shrine Pujya Shadani Darbar Tirth,Raipur.He is the Descendant of 8th Shadani Satguru Sant Gobindram Sahib ji.He is the Preacher of the Holy name “Jai Shadaram”.He is Spreading the Spirituality and humanity through religious and Spiritual Practices and is serving the mankind on this globe. He is strictly opposed to the confining of religious fervour and altruism to the precincts of any sector, area or region.

Faith & Believe

310 Years Old Historical Place

Pujya Shadani Darbar Tirth is the epitome of Bhartiya Sanskriti(Indian Heritage)and more blissful than the heaven which has approximately covered its 310 years in the history where everyday many devotees comes to visit.The devotees of this landmark boundlessly believes in work of Tradition &heritage.

“Manav Sewa Prabhu Ki Sewa Kehta Ye Darbar hai,
Ye Shadani Darbar hai”

We Belong to the community


Community is the context for discipleship. The Shadani’s faith is not intended to be lived in isolation; we were made for relationship with God and for relationship with each other.


Postal Stamp of Sant Shadaram Sahib

A commemorative Postage Stamp of Shadani 1st Satguru Sant Shadarm Sahib was issued by Government of India on 25th October,2010.It was the Occasion Of Sant Shadaram’s Birthday(Shadani Samvant-303)and the Birthday of Great Satguru Saint Gobindram Sahib.

Upcoming Events

60th Varsi Mahotsav @Pujya Shadani Darbar Tirth,Raipur.

Date: 15-18th March,2020.

Shadani Saptam Satguru Sant Rajaram’s Varsi Mahotsav will be Celebrated at Pujya Shadani Darbar Tirth,Raipur from 15 to 18th of March 2020.Pujya Sant,Mahatamas from Various Places will be joining the event to bless each and every Souls.

Program will Consist of Jhanda Vandan, Havan Yagya on 15th,Mahaarti,24*7 Free Medical camps,Kalash Yatra on 18th,Bhog Saheb,Bhandara and Cultural events.

Pujya Choudas Sahib

Date:07th April,2020

Pujya Choudas Sahib will be celebrated on 07th April,2020 @Pujya Shadani Darbar Tirth ,Raipur(C.G)

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