We belong to the Community – Shadani’s

It is the Community which firmly Believes in Serving the Humanity in its best Possible Way.To live in a community does not means an Isolation but to build a Happy and a Spiritual Relations for the Upliftment of Society.The Community strictly opposed to the confining of religious fervour and altruism to the precincts of any sector, area or region.

The Ultimate role of our Community is to Serve the mankind,Building a good relationship with the people,maintaining the brotherhood,etc.Sant Shri Dr.Yudhishter Lal ji is The Guiding Light Of this Community.

Shadani Community Believes that God-Realization can be achieved through ” Shewa,Simran and Satsang”.These builds a Spiritual bonding with the God.

The Community Basically means to be there In happiness and sorrows .Shadani Sewa Mandals is the Community that is available 24*7 for the help of needy,Upliftment of Society.