Daily rites in Darbar

The Dailyrites and routines are being performed today in all the Shadani Darbar,Hindh-Sindh,are exactly the same as those were observed in the days of Sant Shadaram Sahib,Founder of Shadani Darbar.

Some rites are given as follows :-


1.The Morning Rites :-

The holy Amritwela(before sun rise)is practiced where sewadari (desciple) after having bath,comes in Darbar Sahib Rings the bell and beats the drums.

This sweet voice feels very pleasant to them who are still in bed.This is to inform that the time to getting up is already arrived

The praising done to the Lord at amritwela is Considered to be more pious.The person can feel the soothing all over the day after an amritwela.

Amritwela practices include the nit-nam,Bhajan-kirtan,Gurubani,amritvachan and the holy books such as Shri Ramayana,puran,Shrimad Bhagwat Gita Sahib and Guru Granth Sahib are opened with Great reverence already at rest on their throne.After this, the Akhand Path Sahib of all 24 Ashtpadis of Sukhmani Sahib are recited.Asadiwar(Guruwani)is another worship.

In this a team of singer desciples,sing Gurubani at harmonium and tambourine.Then a chapter or some  verses are read from the Ramayan Puran or Shrimad Bhagwat Gita or from some other Puran before the listeners and at last , a joint benediction is made to god for the Vishwa Kalyan and the holy Prashad of Guru Nanak Sahib , Kanah Sahib is distributed.

After an amritwela, Aartis of Shadani Satguru is done and then the breakfast is served. This is the end of morning routine.

2.Serving of Lunch:-

The Guests and the desciples have been coming in Shadani Darbar for the day-long. 

At noon, the bhandaro(lunch) is served to all the people. 

The Lunch is served by reciting the holyname “Jai Shadaram”and then lunch is taken.

After that the guest who had arrived in darbar are welcomed at evening and serving of Tea &coffee is being carried out.

3.Evening Rites :-

In Evening,Religious and Spiritual Practices are again being Carried out . Shri Japji Sahib,Rahras Sahib and Kirtan Salokha are recited after sunset , by every disciples.

The Aartis and recitation of mantras are done.Aartis are performed twice in a day (One in the morning and another in the evening time after sunset)where the Aarti Singers ( verses in praise of god and sants ) , sings Aartis of God , Shiv Bhagwan , and of the Shadani Sants at harmonium and tabla. 

After that medication(nit-nam) is done followed by Guru Mantra for some minutes

The holy books are wrapped with clean clothes followed by Aardas Sahib and then prashads is distributed and Last Dinner is Served.
These are the details of daily routines of Shadani Darbar.