9. Satguru Sant Shri Dr.Yudhishter Lal Ji

Satguru Sant Shri Dr.Yudhishter lal ji is the Navam peethdeeshwar(Present Gaddisar) of the HolyShrine Pujya Shadani Darbar Tirth,Hindh-Sindh.He is the descendant of 8th Shadani Satguru Sant Gobindram Sahib ji and now is the Guiding light of Shadani’s Community.

“The Spiritual master is the Mercy Representative of the Lord”

On 13th December,1962 Satguru Ji(an enlighten and merciful soul)was born in the family of Swami Gobindram Sahib ji and Pujniya Mata Sundri Devi Ji at Shadani Darbar hayat Pitafi,Taluka Mirpur Mathelo ,Dist-Ghokti Sindh Pakistan.Sant Yudhishter lal ji Maharaj is the eldest of five sons of Satguru Dev,Swami Gobindram Sahib ji.

He was only six when he came to India in 1969 A.D.with his great Father.From his Childhood he use to get involved in holy rites of darbar and in various religious and Spiritual Practices.

Satguru Ji have always Keen Intrest towards Education.When he returned back,he started getting his education in Raipur India an in due Course of time,he passed the M.COM final in Commerce.
Morever he has done Diploma in Vedang Jyotish and done the most prestigious i.e PHD in Psychology and finally accomplish the Doctrate degree.
In the age of 28 years,Sant Yudhishter Lal Ji got Married with Mata Deepika daughter of Shree Reloo Ram Bharti from Jalna(Maharashtra)on 17th July 1991 A.D

Satguru Dev ji is blessed with two Sons &two Daughters :-
1.Advocate Uday Shadani
2.Satyam Shadani
3.Dr.Kiran Shadani
4.Veerta Shadani

Sant Yudhister Lal ji owes a sweet Silent and a co-operative nature.He always greets everyone with his warm smile. You can always see him smiling with whosoever he may be. His lovely nature has created a great respect from him in the hearts of Shadani Shewaks and other people. He has served the Shadani Darbar with full heart and soul. Satguru Dev Swami Gobindram ji Mahraj had been fully satisfied with his shewa and dealing with the people.
Sain Yudhishter Lal always thought of himself as a little and worthless shewak/servant of Shadani Darbar. Three days before leaving for Sachkand (The Spiritual world), Satguru Dev Sain Gobindram Sahib ji Mahraj called Sain Yudhishter Lal ji in his personal room and imparted him all the rules and routines of Shadani Darbar, blessed him with the transcendental power and poured inside him the Shadani Shakti.
It was on 20th April 2003 A.D Satguru Dev Swami Gobindram Ji Mahraj declared Saint Yudhishter Lal ji as the 9th Shadani Saint Representative.

On 22nd April 2003 A.D at 12:30 hours in night, Sant Gobindram Sahib ji left for Brahmkhand and on the day of BARHO ( the twelfth day from Agni Sanskar) it was monday, 5th May 2003 A.D ) Tilak ceremony of Sant ji’s as Navam jyoti has taken place

Tilak Ceremony of Sant Ji as Navam jyoti

Sant Shree’s Tilak Ceremony was taken place according to the Sanatan favour On 5th may 2003 in the pious day of Lord Shiva by following all the traditions and Spiritual Practices in the presence of Jagat Guru, Kul Guru, Saints of different temples and Asthans, Panchayats from various villages, towns and cities and in the huge gathering in thousands of Shadani Shewaks.
Sant Yudhishter Lal was elevated to Shadani Gaddi as 9th Saint at 1:31 minutes Noon.
On completion of yagya with vedic mantras,the Kul Guru Swami Teeka Lal Thakur from Haridwar. Swami Shashpal Sharma from Mathura and Head of the Udasin panth, Swami Sharananand ji Mahraj from Gokul, In between recitation of vedic mantras gave Tilak on the forehead of Saint Yudhister Lal ji maharaj.
The PAGG (The Turban) was tied around his head by Pujiya panchayat Hayat Pitafi (Pakistan) After that all the followers and believers bowed their heads at the feet of Sant Yudishter Lal ji Mahraj and requested for blessings.

Degree of Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D.):

Satguru dev ji have always keen intrest towards education and also he incite others to have education.His active intrest towards education even after becoming Navam peethadeeshwar can be seen as a form of Doctrate now. He Pursued diploma in Vedang Jyotish and done the PHD in his area of intrest i.e PHD in Psychology.He utilized his time even after involving in Darbar’s activity and also in the Spiritual practices of Society and Prepared for PHD Entrance Exam.Thus he got selected there and taken the subject of Psychology to proceed further.Under the guidance of Dr.J.C Ajwani and Dr.Amba Sethi he Studied and Researched “Altruism as the Function of Religiosity and Spiritual Practice :A Comparative Study of Local resident and immigrant sindhi middle agers” .Thus with constant dedication and hardwork upto 3years (on 16th march 2018)he accomplished the prestigious Doctrate degree from the university offering philosophy(Kalinga University).The person who do’s PHD is also known as “Creator of Information”.
Thus it was the most Happiest and the glorious moment for Shadani’s and Sant ji was rewarded for his Accomplishment by Heads Of Panchayat.

Santji keeps an interaction with the heads of all the religions throughout the world.Sant ji has firm belief that all the religions of the world convey the same basic message of love, peace and brotherhood. However, the ways and means for achieving God may be different due to diverse climatic, cultural, ethnic, regional factors and compulsions; but the ultimate goal is that of God-realization.

He is Continuing his dedicated services towards Shadani darbar ,Spreading the humanity and Serving the mankind all across the globe !!

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