Gau Shala(Cow Sheds)

Eighth Peethadeeshwar of Pujya Shadani Darbar Tirth Satguru Sant Gobindram Sahib ji opened Cow Shed in 1993(Go Shala) in the honour of Kamdhenu Cow  and provided them the homage at suitable place of darbar premises.

Two Gwals were kept for the Supervision and now more Gwals are there to serve and supervise.Apart from this ,Self Satguru Sant Gobindram ji and now Sant Shri Navam Joat ji visits time to time in the morning and in evening for observing and the pure and the pious cow’s Milk were and is Served to all the devotees,Visitors residing in Darbar.

Plantation Programmes:

Satguru 8th gaddisar ji was nature enthusiast and cares for the cleanliness.To keep the environment of Darbar premises beautiful & pure and clean,Varieties of plants were Planted by Sant ji and now furnished the greenery all Around.Mainly Satguru ji have attachment with the almond trees so fromn the entrance and to the premises he planted Almond trees whose Fruits(i.e Almond) is received to the devotees now.

Now Sant Shri practices various Plantation activites time to time  and contributing to make the Environment Pure & Clean.

For the Swachh Shadani Darbar many plants,seedlings are planted.