History of Shadani Darbar

The Founder Of Shadani Darbar Sant Shree Shadaram Sahib Ji was born in Lohana khatri family ascending to the Dynasty of Maharaj Lav, Son Of “Bhagwan Shree Ramchander Ji Mahraj” on October 1708 in Lahore (Punjab).

Sant Shadaramji Mahraj is believed to be the “Avtar” of “Lord Shiv” and had devoted his whole life to the service of Ultimate God and human being. Many Miracles were Witnessed, delieverd for the benefit of suffered humanity.

The land of Sindh has been the abode of rishis,Saints and Fakirs who through their divine power’s miracles and medication have helped the poor and downtrodden and shown the path of Salvation to the masses of Centuries in a row.

Several Shrines have Established to perpetuate the memory of Saints and Encourage the following of their respective sects.Among all these,the “Holy Shadani Darbar” Stands out as a unique Shrine which has over the last  three Centuries served the Humanity with the guidance and Blessings of Eight Shadani Saints.

The Foundation of Shadani Darbar was Laid At HAYAT PITAFI Sukkur of Sindh Pakistan in the year 1786 by Saint Shadaram Saheb.Born at Lahore in Punjab on 1708.Sant Shadaram undertook a long Pilgrimage and Reached “Mathelo”. Sindh in 1768,where he ultimately settled and enshrined the Holy Shadani Darbar at Hayat Pitafi.