5. Pujya Mata Hasi Devi ji

Pujniya Mata Sahib Hassi Devi was born in 1826 (Shadani Samvat 118, Akhar 25, Shukla Paksh 8) at morning 10am at Khanpur Maher, Sindh (Pakistan).

She was married to Sant Tansukh Ram Sahib in 1846. She became head of Shadani Darbar in 1852. She was very quite pure and pious lady. She performed all prayers and services to all the persons who visited Shadani Darbar.

Mata Sahib served all the guests and followers who  whenever came in Darbar. She cooked food for all the guests with her own hands even in the days of Sant Tansukh Ram Sahib and after assuming the Shadani Gaddi, she, as usual, performed all the services of Bhandar (Kitchen) with her own hands.  She used to go to the lands to pick up the wheat grains and fed the guests.

Her services to guests and Bhakti made Mata Sahib a great Shaktiwan Sant. Her words never went void. Apparently she was a woman but possessed the courage and qualities more than the men. No one could have couarage to discuss with her. Besides, she was more merciful to her followers.


Once famine(shortage of food) broken out in Sindh. She prayed to God for mercy and put the bag of wheat in one iron vessel. She used to take out wheat continuously for six months from that small vessel and fed whole of the village. With the grace of Sant Shadaram, the small vessel never went empty. Every village was happy and no body remained hungry due to famine. In 1856 the construction of Darbar sahib was in progress at Hayat Pitafi. Mr, Brown, the collector of District Shikarpur, visited Hayat Pitafi for inspection. He saw bricks, mud and other building material in the street near Darbar Sahib. 

He objected and ordered for the removal of the same. The followers of Darbar informed Mata Sahib about the anger of collector Mr. Brown. Mata Sahib said to the followers “Collector Brown has no shame to hide his nose, he is a shameless person. Why didn’t he think that the work of Darbar was in progress and that’s why it was lying” On the very day, as the Collector Mr. Brown was riding a horse forback journey to Shikarpur, all of sudden, he fell down on the ground and his nose was seriously wounded. The holy words of Mata Sahib came true. All staff members of Collector, told Mr. Brown that it was due to the curse of Holy Mata Sahib. On hearing the Collector Mr. Brown came to Darbar Sahib and apologised and bowed his head before Mata Sahib for pardon. Mata Sahib pardoned him and blessed him for early recovery because the sants are always merciful.

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