6. Satguru Sant Manglaram Sahib

Sant Manglaram Saheb was born in August 1858 (Shadani Samvat 150, Shukla Paksh 7, Savan 24, at morning 6’o clock) in the house of Shri Bharoram at Hayat Pitafi. He came in the service of Darbar in 1890. He began regularly to serve in Darbar. Due to his utmost, selfless services and devotion, he surpassed all the followers and succeeded to Shadani Gaddi.

He became head of Shadani Darbar in 1909.

Mostly he prayed God in night when all the people were sleeping. He possessed a great power. The words uttered by him hit like an arrow. He is commonly know as “Sankat Mochan” (Trouble Shooter) Shadani Sant. There are many examples he helped his followers in the time of trouble.

Some villagers of Chanar village came to Hayat Pitafi and settled there. They used to come to Darbar for Katha and kirtan. There was a Peepal tree on the way and from that direction they were  stones by that tree. They narrated this story to Sant Manglaram. Sant Manglaram took water in his hand and threw the water in that direction from where stones were being thrown and addressed the Ghosts loudly “You are hereby commanded to leave the tree and do not trouble the disciplines Darbar.” From that day the Ghosts disappeared and so such incident was reported thereafter.

In 1918, cholera disease broken out in whole of the Sindh province. The panchayat of Hayat Pitafi approached Sant Manglaram and told him that in every town and village 7 to 10 persons had died due to cholera disease. Sant Manglaram gave directions that Dhuni of Sant Shadaram and water of the well of the Darbar Sahib should be scattered on the boundaries of Hayat Pitafi village. Till today, there has been no incident of any infections disease, Ghosts or any dacoity(robbery).

In 1930, due to the “Divide  and Rule” policy of the British Goverment, the local Muslims were instigated by British rulers to harass, loot and kill Hindus. Whole Sindh was affected with Hindu Muslim, communal rights but Sant Manglaram Sahib applied Holy Dust and water encircled “Kara” the village of Hayat Pitafi with the Holy Water of well and dust Dhuni Sahib. Once Muslims decoits wanted to cross the boundaries of Hayat Pitafi for robbing and killing but as soon as they came near the said “Kara” (Laxman Rekha), some stranger power made them blind and they could not enter the village Hayat Pitafi.

In this way the people of Hayat Pitafi were saved by the miracle of Sant Manglaram Sahib. In December 1932 (Shadani Samvat 224, Mangir 22, Krishna Paksh 9) Sant Manglaram decided to leave for the heavenly adobe. He asked all his disciples and followers of Shadani Darbar, to obey the orders of Sant Raja Ram Sahib. He placed coconut and five paisa before Sant Raja Ram. He also handed over Gaddi (throne) of Shadani Darbar to him. Then Sant Mangla Ram put one cotton sheet over his body and through meditation and prayer he went to his Heavenly adobe. He had won over everyone’s heart through selfless services to Darbar.

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