7. Satguru Sant Rajaram Sahib

Shadani 7th Gaddisar Sant Rajaram Sahib was born on November 1882, (as per shadani samvat 174. Ekadashi of kartik, 28 Shukla) in Gulu Pitafi, a village of tehsil Mirpur Mathelo, District Ghotki, Sindh, Pakistan.

His father bhai JaraRam was a devoted follower of Shadani Darbar while his mother, Mata Khemi Bai was completely dedicated to bhagwan shiva. every time, she would recite “Om Namah Shivay” on her lips. One day Lord Shiva showered his blessing on Khemi Bai and told her in dream that he(lord Shiv) got very pleased with devotion. Very soon, he will take birth in their home so that she could express her affection to him in the shape of a mother.

As in this customary, on the birth of Sant Raja Ram a Brahman was called to give a name on his Chhatti celebration (the sixth day of birth). When the brahman glanced at the boy, he observed A PADAM DOT ON HIS FOOT. He Congratulated his parents and said that thier child was not an ordinary child but he would be either a great Sant or a great Raja. This was the reason he was named as Raja Ram.


When Raja ram was eight, his father took him to Shadani Darbar for being blessed by his Satguru Pujniya Mata Sahib, the 5th Shadani Sant. As soon as Raja Ram touched his forehead at the sacred feet of Mata Sahib, she took him into her arms. When Raja ram asked sahib for Prashad, She kept full basket of prashad before him and said “Rajal, all this prashad is yours and you have to distribute it in future.” There was a great meaning hidden in those words. Mata Sahib was trikal darshi (knowing past, present and future). She knew that one day he would be granted with the throne of Shadani Darbar. As such Mata Sahib said, to bhai Jara ram, “rajal is now ours, hence let him be here in darbar for our Shewa and Sikhsha.”

Now Raja ram began to live in Shadani Darbar and pleased Mata Sahib with his wholehearted Shewa. He completed his early Dharmic Sikhsha (religious education) in Shadani Darbar in the supervision of Pujya Mata Sahib.Then he was sent to kankhal-a highly religious educational center near HARIDWAR in India where he stayed from 1904-1906 and learnt Vedas, Upanishads, Viyakaran and some other holy granths. SWAMI CHETAN DEV, then head of the institution was highly impressed to see his extra ordinary ability. He offered him to be the head of the institution and stressed upon him to live there permanetly. but Sant Raja ram was in perfect devotion to Shadani Darbar. He considered the shewa of Shadani darbar more fruitful than any Darbar. He also learnt Bhagwat Gita, Ramayan and Gurubani.

Due to his unique Services and enlightened soul, Sant Raja ram Assumed the Shadani Gaddi in December 1932.

He ran Shadani Darbar as per Practices and guidelines followed by his predecessors. Not only this, he being a learned person in dharmic education still advanced his interest in delivering dharmic lectures in daily routine and as such, the number of followers highly increased in his days.

On 3rd october 1958, Sant Raja ram Sahib left for india and visited Haridwar, Mathura and Amritsar etc. hundreds of his disciples welcomed him at each tirth and made themselves Spiritually rich with his “darshan”.

Sant Raja ram Sahib lived a very pious and simple life. His every action was just an example to his followers. Some Captivating qualities of Sant Rajaram are given here under.


Hospitality has been the main feature of Shadani Darbar. In the days of Sant Rajaram Sahib meals would not be started till any guest joined them. Once it happened that there was no guest in darbar to join them to have meals and the time was too late. Shewadaris requested for the Permission to start the meals but Sant Rajaram Sahib asked them to wait, eventually, he met a guest on a shop who had come to see his relatives. Sant Rajaram Sahib started the meals after that guest was taken to darbar.
Sant Rajaram was an incarnation of “Lord Shiva” and every body believed him to be the avtar of Shiva. He always smiles and used to speak very slowly. He learnt Geeta, Granth sahib and Vedang philosophy by Heart. He was himself an enlightened soul, therefore he used to respect and honor learned persons.


Sant Rajaram Sahib was a great Merciful soul. He could not see the grief of others. Once there was bhai ganguram of ghotki, a disciple of Shadani Darbar, whose nephew Namdeo was then of seven years old and was caught by the cancer. Bhai ganguram visited many doctors but no one could cure Namdeo. He was very much worried about the life of his nephew. At last, he took Namdeo to Shadani Darbar and began to cry and weep before his Satguru. The tears were frequently getting down from his eyes. On seeing this,Sant Rajaram Sahib felt sympathy. Namdeo got better day by day. within a few days, he recovered fully and went back to his home. Namdeo is still alive and running his business in ghotki, sindh.


Shadani Sant have always tried to maintain brotherhood between different sects of Hindus and the Muslims. That is why even today hundreds of the muslims are also followers of this Darbar. They respect Shadani Sants. There are many examples of muslims coming to shadani darbar for their spiritual satisfaction.

Once Sardar Dadan Khan, Chief of lund Baloch tribe and also a great politician, visited Shadani Darbar with his Munshi Kundandas. He sat on the ground and begged. Sant Rajaram Sahib for a son, who the took out two Patasha (sweet drops) from the basket and asked him to give them to his wife. Dadan khan had two sons Mr. Ahmed Khan and noor Ahmed khan. Dadan khan died recently while noor Ahmed khan is a member of Pakistan Parliament. Dadan Khan had so much faith in Shadani Darbar (it is obvious that before partition when Congress and Muslim league were face to face in Sindh, Sant Rajaram sahib advised Dadan khan to join Congress. He not only joined himself but also brought his full group in Congress. As per result, most of them were elected as MLA and thus the first Congress ministry came into being in Sindh.


Sant Rajaram Sahib always quoted these words. He was very firm in his promise.

“Raghukul rit sada chali ayee
Pran jaye par vachan na jayee”

Once when he was on tirth yatra in Amritsar, on 23 february 1959. At morning 4 o’clock Sant rajaram Sahib told his Companions that his Satguru, swami Takhatlal Sahib Hazuri had left his mrityu lok for paramdham here in amritsar. Likewise he also wished to do the same. All the disciples turned pale to hear this. they began to cry and begged Sant Rajaram sahib not to leave them alone in the way. They also reminded him that he had given a word to the Panchayat to come back soon. Sant Rajaram sahib said well, we pray PARAMATMA TO EXTEND OUR LIFE BY ONE YEAR AND THUS THEY REACHED BACK IN HAYAT PITAFI. AFTER THIRTEEN MONTHS, 13-3-1960 Sant Rajaram again announced leave for PARAMDHAM. After this announcement his Close followers bhai Panjuram, came with bhai Baharuram and requested him with folded hands and tears in his eyes. Satguru, the marraiges of my daughter and son are fixed on the 16th march & 18th march 1960. “if you leave for PARAMDHAM, i will not be able to perform that marraige ceremony. Have mercy upon me and kindly get thier marriages with your own Holy Hands. ” The Merciful Sant accepted his request and agreed to do so.

After all, Sant Rajaram Sahib left this Mrityu lok On 20-03-1960. (10th of chaitra mas, shukla paksh, shadani samvat 252) at night 9.35PM. After that a very big function, the death anniversary is celebrated every year. Bhajan kirtan, pravachan and bhandhara are running on large scale, thousands of followers attend his anniversary and pray to him.

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