3. Satguru Sant Takhat Lal Sahib

In 1783 (Shadani Samvat 75, Bhado 26, Shukla Paksh 9) Sant Takhatlal Saheb was born at Mathelo. At the age of 16 he became the 3rd Sant of Shadani Darbar.

He was hardly 7 years old when he was blessed by Sant Shadaram Saheb that he would be avaible and present everywhere and whensoever he desired.

After assuming the holy Gaddi, his name became famous and people used to compare him, with Raja Harishchandra, Raja Vikrmaditya and Danveer Karan.

Saint Takhatlal Saheb ran a shop for his livelihood. At evenings, he used to come to Darbar and perform meditation and serve the hungry cows.

One night, a Yatri (Pilgrim) came at Shadani Darbar and knocked at the door. Sant Takhatlal opened the door and allowed him to come inside. He served him with meals, Yatri (guest) went outside, he went to the bazzar – ground, where he found Sant Takhatlal singing in the praise of God in crowds.

He was very much surprised. He again rushed to Shadani Darbar and knocked at the door. Again he found Sant Takhatlal talking with other disciples and he welcomed him to come inside. Yatri found him at both places at the same time. He was very much surprised as to how one man could remain present at diffrent places which were quite far off from one another.

In another instance, one Brhamchari Sadhu who had come from Haridwar, after visiting Shadani Darbar he told, the people about Sant Takhatlal that he had seen him talking bath at Holy Ganga river daily at Haridwar and he was quite surprised to se him here. The other people in Darbar told the Sadhu that Sant Takhatlal had been there since 4 he was only 3 years old and he had never been to Haridwar. The sadhu bowed before Sant Takhatlal and became his follower.

Once it so hepend that the munshi of Mr. Murad Khan, kidnapped one Hindu girl. Sant Takhatlal went to Mr. Murad alongwith the panchayat of Khairpur , Sant asked him to return the Hindu girl to her parents, but Mr. Ali Murad did not agree. On that day Sant Takhatlal cursed Mr. Ali Murad and told him that he and his kingdom will be finished. His words and cursed came true and Mr. Murad and his kingdom were finished for ever.

In Feb. 1839, (Shadani Samvant 131, Mangh 12 Krishan Paksh 10) Sant Takhatlal proceeded to Amritsar where he went to heavenly adobe near coalser pond which is situated in Golden Temple Amritsar. At present the same place is called as Sitalani Dera, Chowk Baba Sahib, where Mahant Gurukh Singh is living and serving.

Sant Takhat Lal Sahib had three sons.

1. Jessa Ram Sahib who was a born yogi, 

2. Tansukh Ram Sahib and

3. Chela Ram Sahib.

Yogishwar Jessa Ram Sahib was away from these worldly affairs.

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