4. Satguru Sant Tansukh Ram Sahib

Sant Takhat Lal Sahib had three sons.

1. Jessa Ram Sahib who was a born yogi, 

2. Tansukh Ram Sahib and

3. Chela Ram Sahib.

Yogishwar Jessa Ram Sahib was away from these worldly affairs.

Tansukh Ram Sahib assumed the Shadani Gaddi in 1839.

Sant Tansukh Ram was a great singer and preached through Bhajans. He was quite sweet and oblidging in nature. He ran Shadani Darbar on foot prints of his predecessors. He had very melodious voice and used to sing in the praise of God. All the people liked his good nature and services to Shadani Darbar.

One day Sant Tansukh Ram Sahib went to village Daroo at invitation of Bhai Hazari Ram alongwith Bai Khotta Ram (Rehrki Sahib), Bhai Madhu Ram and Bhai Pahlaj ram. Public requested holy verses to be sung by them. This lasted for whole night. In the early morning hours, some villagers village Thikratta requested that the holy kirtan in praise of God may be continued. Sant Tansukh Ram Sahib ordered Bhai Madhu Ram and Bhai Pahlaj Ram to continued the same, but they showed inability due to tiredness.

The Sant told them if they could not sing now, they could not be able to sing forever. The Sant asked Bhai Khota Ram to sing in praise of God. He obeyed the orders and satisfied all the audience. Sant blessed Bhai Khota Ram that he would be known all the world over.

One day, a villager came to the shop of Sant Tansukh Ram to purchase the 20kg cotton. Sant told him to weight the cotton and to take it from the inner godown. Villager became dis-honest. Instead of 20kgs Cotton, he took 22kgs of cotton. After making payment for 20kgs , he went to his home, he again put the cotton on the weighting scale. 

To his great surprise he found the cotton to be 18kgs. Again he came to the shop of Sant Tansukh Ram and he became angry by saying, that weighting scale of shop was defective. Tansukh Ram asked him to bring his own weighting instrument from his own house and went inside the godown. Again he dis-honestly took 24kgs of cotton. He went to his house where he again put the cotton on weighting scale and found it 16kgs.

He was very much surprised and he told his elder brother regarding this incident. His elder brother told him, that Sant Tansukh Ram was a godly person and why he had cheated him. He immediately rushed to Sant Tansukh Ram and fell on his feet and begged for mercy. Sant Tansukh Ram forgave him and asked to take cotton with correct weight. He followed the instructions of Sant and went away. 

In 1804 (Shadani Samvat 96, Pohh2, Shukla Paksh 15) Sant Tansukh Ram was born at Hayat Pitafi. In 1852 Sant Tansukh Ram handed over Gaddi to his wife Pujya Hassi Devi and left for heavenly adobe.

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