2. Satguru Sant Tulsidas Sahib

In 1730 (Shadani Samvat 22, Baisakh 20) Sant Tulsidas Sahib was born at Mathelo. He came in to contact with Sant Shadaram Sahib in 1768. He pleased Sant Shadaram with his Selfless Services.

According to Wishes of the First Guru Sant Shadaram Sahib, he was elevated to Shadani Darbar Gaddi  in 1793. He followed in the foot prints of Sants Shadaram Sahib and showered blessings on all human beings, rich and poor. 

In 1799 (Shadani Samvat 91 ,9 Krishna Paksh) as per direction of Shadaram Sahib, Sant Tulsidas handed over Gaddi to his son Takhat Lal and left for heavenly adobe.

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