Pujya Shadani Darbar Tirth is the epitome of Bhartiya Sanskriti(Indian Heritage)and more blissful than the heaven which has approximately covered its 310 years in the history where everyday many devotees comes to visit.The devotees of this landmark boundlessly believes in work of Tradition &heritage.

Erection of Darbar by 8th Sant

Pujya Shadani darbar tirth is epitome of the World’s supernatural and spiritual disciplines where every visitant  gets filled in the reverence of god.The believer of Sanatan conduct gets the inner peace in this place by which every devotees feels the god’s divine power in their hearts.

The erection of Pujya Shadani Darbar Tirth,Raipur was done by Saguru Sant Gobindram Ji


Before the erection of this holy Place Satguru Sant Gobindram Ji  visited almost every pilgrimages of India like Char Dham Yatra,12 jyothirling,and famous temples of North and South India and vigilenced the visible epitomes and taken off the image in his sees .Afterthat by his spiritual power he presumpted  the view of Shadani Darbar and prepared the foreplans like there should be the glimpse of indian vedic heritage and that can be seen entirely in Darbar Sahib.The Visitants can see

The “Shiv Dwar” in the Entrance and their Welcome is done by the sounds of music which feels like Heaven.

Aftermoving in to the darbar you can see The builded lamp(Deepak)sculpture where the seven streams turns out which reminds the Seven Sants of Shadani Darbar.


After moving more -one jal kund is fabricated which reminds us of Lord Shiva and from that jal kund the sound of “Jai Shadaram”can be heared .proceeding the way more one huge white “Shankh” can be seen from where the sound of Shankh(Shankhanand)is produced.And proceeding further The epitome of Maa Saraswati “Veena” can be seen.Most special thing is that in the either sides of Veena ,Maa Saraswati’s  Vahan Hans is also sculptured and Proceeding further the sight of sign “OM” is seen..Now we have headed towards the  Heavenly Darbar which seems that the gigantic Kamdhenu is calling us and infront of Darbar “kailash Parvat pe Virajmaan” Lord Shiv’s Darshan is done.


In the “Garbh grih” of Pujya shadani Darbar’s  Satsang hall “Dhukh Bhanjan Dhuni Sahib” is established and Within its four sides the Sant’s leela jhakia is imprinted. All around hall with the artwork of glass pieces the  ShishMahal (glass Castle)is formed.The PranPratishtha is done on the cculture of sants.


In the Darbar premises,the view of Ganga’s Landing ,the Lakshmi Narayan be-seated on kshirsagar Sheshnaag ,the hari safeguarding the elephant,Krishna’s dancing on Kaaliya naag,samudra manthan(shaking of sea) and all around Vedic Rishi Mundis Statues are established.The Indian map of Krishna Yug is also beautifully portrayed.

In this way The Divine Satguru Sant Gobindram with his Miraculous imagination made Truly “The Incredible Shadani Darbar” and now today it became the centre of

“Faith & Believe” for innumerable devotees and the Shankaracharya of all the four metho given the CharanRajj blessings to this Place.Many Saints,Mahatmas,Mahapurush,MahaMandleshwar from India has given their immense Presence and made the soil of this Land more pious..That is why this Landmark has become the Largest and the most pious Tirth Place .Devotees from all around the World takes part in regular Dharmik activities Of Darbar.Devotees enjoy Satsang,Bhajan-Kirtan,Pravachans and gets the inner peace ….


        “Incredible Shadani Darbar”