8. Satguru Sant Gobindram Sahib

Satguru sant Gobindram Sahib ji- the magnificient soul whose divine impactsencomium(Yashogaan)can be seen as the holy Landmark of Pujya Shadani Darbar Tirth,Raipur.Every particle,seedlings ,plants and trees in Shadani Darbar are captivating the heart of millions.Sant Gobindram ji is residing in every particle of Shadani Darbar.

Satguru Sant Gobindram Sahib ji (a miraculous soul) was born on 25th October,1944 A.D (Day-Wednesday,Shadani Samvat237,Karthik-2,Shuklapaksh-15) at morning 4:30 am in Shadani Darbar,Hayat pitafi.

Sant Rajaram ji offered Good deeds to peoples,Brahmans ,etc in the birth of phenomenal son as Sant Gobindram ji.

From his Childhood,he was the miraculous leader like what he says,that gets true.His Captivating personality and his melodic voice enchants his fellow beings and they enjoys living with Sant ji.

Sant Rajaram poured his Scholar,kindness and profound qualities in his son and Pujniya mata Radhi devi with her lease(sewa) and splendid made her son brave.

The Mundan Sanskar and the janeu  Sanskar of this Charming Boy(Sant Gobindram Sahib ji)has taken place on 13th april 1947 A.D  on the festive of Baisakhi and on Makarsankranti in 1953 A.D respectively.


His keen intrest over music made him learned playing harmonium.His voice was so melodious and captivating and thus he composed many Bhajans for Sanatan hindu dharm and for Indian era which is allused for his love towards music.


When he returns home from school,he busies in playing with his mates.The Krishna Swaroop child Gobindram with his fellow beings when passes over the streets of Hayat pitafi,then all devotees pays respect by joining their hands .Hence he got the divine powers since his Childhood. Sant ji disseminates the knowledge of Dharmik Granths occasionally and spread the ideas to the people visiting darbar .

His curiousity towards religion,self-realization, deem knowledge seems as the divine powers that made Sant Gobindram Ji as Outrageous saint.

Tilak Ceremony Of Satguru Sant Gobindram Sahib ji as 8th Gaddisar :-

In accordance with the wishes of Sant Rajaram ji, Saint Gobindram ji was elevated to  Shadani Gaddi  on 4th April 1960 at the age of 15 years.

Sant Gobindram Sahib ji  has Opened Several Schools in Various Parts of Hindh & Sindh and helped the poor and needy peoples

On 21 April 1969 Sant ji visited India and Observing love , respect and affection of the followers of Shadani Darbar .Sant ji decided to settle in Raipur. Sant ji Preached the holy name Lord Rama and appraised the holy Matters in the socialism and also gave vast religious atmosphere by Bhajans & Bhandaras time to time.


From March 1978 Followers of Shadani Darbar From Pakistan visits Raipur to attend the Death anniversary(Varsi Mahotsav) of Sant Rajaram Sahib ji for 15 days.Since then this Yatra become an annual feature.

On 1st February 1983 with Sincere efforts of Sant Gobindram ji , an agreement was signed between India and Pakistan Govt. through their Foreign Ministers. In march 1985 the Indian Goverment extended visa period for Pakistani Hindu Pilgrims visiting Shadani Darbar from 15 days to 30 days. Also Number of pilgrims extended from 200 to 500 and were allowed to visit other piligrim places such as Amravati, Ujjain, Allahabad,Varanasi, Ayodhya, Mathura, Dehli and Haridwar.

Similarly in October 1979 the Pakistan Government extended Visa period from 7 days to 10 days & allowed 200 pilgrims from India to visit Shadani Darbar Hayat Pitafi to attend birth anniversary of Saint Shadaram Sahib and allowed the pilgrims to visit Khanpur Mahar ( Birth place of Pujya Mata Hassi Devi), Mata Kali devi Mandir Adalpur, Ghotki, Deharki, Sadhu Bela Sukkhur & Lahore. 


On 16 October 1984 Sant Gobindram Sahib ji laid the Foundation stone of Ved Mandir and Shadani Darbar at Mathelo. He ordered excavation of the place where Saint Shadarm Saheb used to offer prayers and meditation. To everyone’s surprise the Holy Shankh and Holy earthern pot (Dhuni) emerged during excavation and slogans of ” jai Shadaram “, ” jai Shadaram ” raised the air. Heading to the request of Disciple, Sant Gobindram ji set up Shadani Darbar in Amravati (Maharashta) It was inaugurated on 4th April 1989.

Sant Gobindram ji also established New shadani Darbar On 20th January 1988. It is Situated at Dhamtari Road, 9Kms away from Raipur town. Spreaded over 12 acres of area, this Shadani Darbar has attracted Pilgrims from Far and wide.

On 22nd April 2003 the Sant Shiromani Gobindram ji Maharaj Left heavenly abode passing the Responsibility of Shadani Darbar To his Eldest Son(Sant Yudhishter Lal ji). Presently ” Saint Yudhishter lal Ji Maharaj ” is 9th Gaddisar of Pujya Shadani Darbar at Raipur Chattisgarh (India).

Family of Pujya Sant Gobindram Ji Maharaj :

The name of Pujya Santji’s wife is Smt. Sundri Devi Shadani. She was born on 14th Nov. 1945 in the House of Shri Rahandram Chawla at Ghotki in Pakistan. Smt. Sundri devi was a very co-operative pious woman. She use to serve much the poor and needy people. She had so much “BARKAT” in her hands that the Bhandara would never become empty. She expired on 8th Feb. 1991.

In the Beloved Memory of Mata Sundri Devi,Shadani mukti Dham is Erected near Raipur.

Pujya Santji has five sons and three daughters.

Sons:- Sant Yudhishter Lal, Bharat Lal(Darshan Lal), Satyavirat, Bhisham Lal & Ajeet Kumar,
Daughters:- Sushila, Sindhu & Savitri.

1. Sant Yudhishter Lal (Present Shadani Gaddisar) was married to Smt. Deepika d/o. Shri Reluram Bharti of JALNA (M.S) on 17th July, 1991.

2. Bharat Lal (Darshan Lal) was married to Smt. Jaya d/o. Shri Kanhayalal Dharmani of Aurangabad (M.S) on 19th Jan. 1992.

3. Satyavirat was married to Smt. Kirti d/o. Dr. Meghraj Ramnani of Raipur (M.P) on 4th July 1995

4. Sushila, was married to Purushottam Lal S/o. Shri Hargundas Kataria of Indore (M.P) on 21st Jan 1991.

5. Sindhu was married to Dr. Mukesh Kukreja, S/o Shri Chandru Mal of Ulhasnagar (M.S) on 18th Jan 1996.

6. Savitri was married to Sanjay Ratnani, S/o Shri Madan Lal Ratnani of Yavatmal (M.S) on 5 thDecember 1999. 

Sant ji wants to raise his Sons as Doctors so that they can serve the needy peoples of the society

7. Dr. Bhisham Lal Shadani has completed his M.B.B.S & M.D. degrees in July 2000 from Ukraine.

8. Ajit Kumar Shadani also has completed M.B.B.S & M.D. degrees from Ukraine.



Mata Radhi Bai (mother of Sant Gobindram Ji) was born in 1922 at the house of Shri Bhagumal who was a resident of Sultanpur (Sindh) Pakistan, In 1937 she was married to Sant Rajaram Sahib. On 19th December 1976 Mata Radhi Bai expired in Raipur at the age of 54 years.

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