1. Satguru Sant Shadaram Sahib

Sant Shadaram Sahib was borin in Lohana khatri family ascending to the dynasty of Maharaj Lav, Son Of “Bhagwan Shree Ramchander ji” on October 1708 in Lahore (Punjab). 

Sant Shadaramji Mahraj is believed to be the “Avtar” of “Lord Shiv” and had devoted His whole life to the service of Ultimate God and human being. Many miracles were witnessed, delieverd for the benefit of suffered humanity.

From his childhood only ,the religious deepness was observed in various ways. After the age twenty, He had been deeply involved in spiritual welfare of the people, moving around various pilgrims of India like Haridwar, Jamnotri, Gangotri, Amarnath, Allahabad, Dwarikanath, and Shri Pashopathinath Temple in Nepal.

In 1768, Sant Shadaram Sahib ji reached Mathelo, which was capital of Sindh during the rein of Raja Nand. It is the place of religious supermites near which the sacred river Saraswati disappeared in the desert.

It is believed that the four “Veds” were also enlighten in the soul of great Rishi-Muni near this city on the bank of river Sindhu Saraswati.


After sometime he left Mathelo along with His devotees and settled in Hayat Pitafi and laid the foundation of Shadani Darbar. Their he dug one sacred well and enlightened one “Holi Fire” known as “Dhuni Sahib”. It is only due to his blessings that anyone who has this sacred Dhuni Sahib and drinks sacred water of the well, is free from all his sufferings and misfortunes.

Sain Shadaram Sahib left this word for Heavenly Adobe in 1793..!

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